2014-06-03 11:15 pm

A Short Review of Rewind by Rascal Flatts

Well, i've had a couple of weeks to listen to the newest album by Rascal Flatts, and i'm very, very impressed! They've managed to do something that's rare these days. Usually when you buy a new album, there's a few good songs on it that you go back to over and over again and the rest are just there to fill time. In this case, however, they've done the exact opposite. I purchased the deluxe edition of Rewind, and there's not a single bad song on it, and there are 17 of them! This is rare, so I wanted to take you through the album, track by track and tell you what I like about each one. Also i'll tell you some interesting things to listen out for as you go along. So lets get started!

1. Payback: This is a supurb song to start with, it's a straight ahead rocker with a tiny bit of violin in there for good measure. It's a song about a guy who notices a girl whose all alone after her former guy screwed up, so he offers to be her payback. The melody is absolutely contageous, and if it's not their next single I'd be surprised. Check out Joe Don's background vocals on this one.

2. Rewind: The title track, and the first single. This one's about a guy who wishes he could rewind a particularly good night he's had, and don't we all? The first thing you notice is Joe Don's little guitar doodle right at the beginning. I'm going to use the term "guitar doodle" just because I think it's cool. It's a great first single and hey, it ain't top 5 for nothin!

3. I Have Never Been To Memphis: Lets slow things down a bit. Jay's piano is all over this one, it's a sweet love letter from a guy in California to a southern beauty. He says he's never been to memphis, but if she's there, he'll pack his bags and go! I think the sweetest line in the whole song is, It never rains here, the sun is always shinin', i've never met a girl like you, and i'm tired of tryin'. Aww! It's just a really sweet song, great for dancing to.
4. Girl what's your favorite song? I'll be your dj tonight! So begins the next track, it's about a guy who is quite taken with this girl and he's gonna try every trick he knows to get her to notice him. This will be a real concert fave I'm sure!
Vocals are definitely a focal point here, they're really good!

5. Powerful stuff: The first thing you'll notice when listening to this one is the great bit of guitar work Joe Don does at the beginning. He's really been doing some new and interesting things with it, I'm a sucker for a good bit of guitar stuff. The song is your typical upbeat love song, I like the lyrics here.

6. Riot: This is by far my favorite song on the whole album! I've been in a situation very similar to the one in the song so I can really relate to it big time. Like a couple other songs on the album this one's about what happens to a guy's heart when he realizes he's screwed up and he wishes desperately that he could just get his lady back. I love the way he expresses the feeling, instead of just saying he'd go crazy, he says there would be a riot. When I first heard the song I thought oh my, this is gonna be an angry song, but it's actually quite the opposite, and next to Compass, it's my fave track. Just great harmonies all around, and again, congrats to Joe Don for that great bit of guitar work in the middle! I love it!
7. Night of Our lives: This one's bittersweet! Everyone remembers that first love, and of course, it eventually ends. This one is about that first love and all the fun it was, and it sort of says hey, this was fun but it's sad that it all has to end. I love the vocals in this track, and the attention to details here is good, the mix of acoustic and electric guitars is a really nice touch. Listen carefully and you'll hear some cool things.

8. I Like The Sound of that: It's another mid-tempo tune, this guy's in love and all he wants to do is spend time with his special lady. and when he can't he loves hearing the ring tone he has assigned for her. I have a feeling this one's gonna be another concert favorite! Great vocals here!

9. Aftermath: This is the saddest song on the whole album. I know I've already said this several times but again, I can relate to this one. We've all had love go bad on us, and when you're right at the center of it, right when it happens is when it really gets you down. The line that really does it for me is the one that goes like gravel to skin, the hurt has set in, and all that's left of my heart, are pieces and parts. Wow. How true that is. Everyone's felt that way at least once.
The person's left to deal with the aftermath of what's happened. It's just such a moving, incredible song.
10. I'm On Fire: Definitely more upbeat, and happy! The guy in this song has found a lady he wants to impress so he spends a bunch of cash to get her attention. He's hot for her...he's on fire! I love the harmonies in this one, and the way everything was aranged, it just works on all kinds of levels.

11. Life's a song: This one has great lyrics. To me, this one's about how sometimes in life we have ups and downs, yet we keep moving on and coping as best we can. Music can also get you through rough times, and some of the songs these guys have done have gotten me through some of my darkest days let me tell you! Like in the second verse, it says life, it ain't no magazine, it's just a space we fill with faith and walk between. How true that is. This one's also gonna be a real concert favorite, I can already hear the crowd singing along!

12. Honeysuckle Lazy:
This is the most romantic song on the album. Right from the beginning you hear that creek of the swing and the crickets outside during the summer. Check out some of these lyrics... Hot spell summer breeze blowin' through the windchimes, porch swing you and me soakin up some downtime. that creekin chain, oh what a hang
I think we all know what's about to happen! You can crank this one up and have a great time with it. Note wear headphones during this one and at about 1:45 into the song you'll hear Jay's vocals go from the left to the right channel, nice touch there!
13. The Mechanic: I'll be honest...when i saw the tracklisting for the album before it came out i was like, what on earth are they gonna do with a song title like ...the mechanic?! Turns out it's a sweet love song believe it or not. My fave lyric in the song when I cry you're the sexiest clown I've ever seen, and you fix me!

So that ends the regular album, the next 4 tracks are ones you'll only get on the target deluxe edition, at least here in the states!

14. Compass: This is my second very favorite song on the album, second only to Riot. This song was featured in the movie Heaven Is For Real, and it fits perfectly. If you're ever down, listen to this one and it'll pick you up again. Definitely a feel-good song, one of the very best they've ever done! You can dedicate this one to a close friend or a loved one and show them how much you care.

Wildfire: This is actually a remake, believe it or not. It was originally done by John Mayer, and I like this one much better than the original one. Lots of great guitar work in here, and the harmonies are top-notch.

16. She Must Like Broken Hearts: This one's about a lady who does her best to get the guys going, she loves to flirt, she loves to laugh. You can definitely dance to this one, this will be another concert favorite! Crank this one up!

17. Bring The Family: They ended with a good one, this one is about the family getting together, singing and having a good time. Like the lyrics say, "the only thing that's missin' is you".

Overall this is a supurb album, I think it truely is the best thing they've ever done! This took me much longer to write than I would've liked, because not just 1, but 2 versions of this review got trashed and I had to try my best to re-construct it. I hope everyone likes this and if you can, go to your nearest Target store and get it. If you don't have one near you you can always buy it through Target's website.

Thanks for reading!