toonhead ([personal profile] toonhead) wrote2014-05-25 09:08 am
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First blog entry, this will be fun!

So thanks to a couple good friends especially DW user [personal profile] sargent316, I'm on Dreamwidth, and this reminds me a lot of Live Journal back in the early 2000s. I can't promise I'll post every day, but maybe writing will help me to get some more of my complex feelings out. I absolutely love the quickness of twitter, and it's ability to share info, but sometimes you have feelings that can't be captured in just 140 characters. I hope to write some of those ideas here, and get back into the blogging thing. I tried wordpress and blogger and they just completely confused me. There are just so damn many options, and not enough explanation as to what they do. I like the simplicity of Dreamwidth so this should be fun. This is just sort of an introductory thing, so look for more stuff to follow. This is memorial day weekend so I'm just chillin out for the day.